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First publish article print.

• Get ISSN 0216-504X (Print).

• Start publishing articles online.


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• Receiving English articles Since Volume 17 Number 2 Year 2019

• The history of Jurnal Info Kesehatan is as follows (sorted from the latest):

Since Volume 17 Number 2 Year 2019, the article style has been revised in the article publication template such,  title section, chapter and sub chapter title, and references section. 

Beginning from 17 Number 2 Year 2019, Jurnal Info Kesehatan article style has been revised by adding citation information in articles with APA Style format so readers can properly cite the article.

• Accredited Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of The Republic of Indonesia [SINTA 3]

Jurnal Info Kesehatan  was established as a National Journal accredited ranked 3 [S3] by RISTEK DIKTI RI, with No. SK : No. 28/E/KPT/2019 ; Title SK: Decision of the Director-General of strengthening research and development of the Republic of Indonesia about the scientific journal Accreditation Stage V year 2019; Date SK: 11 October 2019.


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