Focus & Scope

Jurnal Info Kesehatan is an open access journal and peer-reviewed that publishes either original article or reviews. This journal focuses on:

Nutrition: The area of nutrition and food, covering the aspects of biochemistry, clinical nutrition, community nutrition, functional foods, and socio-economic aspects of nutrition and food, including nutrition and food database and regulations.

Dental Health: It covers the pediatric dentistry, oral pathology, prosthodontics, dental public health and epidemiology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, dental conservation and endodontics, preventive dentistry, biomedical dentistry, dental radiology, traumatology, oral biology, biomaterials, orthodontics, and periodontics.

Medical Laboratory Technology: The area of It covers the bacteriology, virology, hematology, parasitology, clinical chemistry, toxicology, food and drink chemistry, and any sciences that cover sciences of medical laboratory area.

Nursing: It covers the fundamental nursing, adult or medical surgical nursing, neonatal and pediatric nursing, women’s health nursing, mental health and psychiatric nursing, family and community health nursing, gerontological nursing, nursing administration and management, oncology nursing, transcultural nursing, HIV/AIDS and tropical diseases, related health-care issues such as health professionals, health policies, and health-care systems, and education.

Environmental Health: The area of environmental sanitation, environmental health management, aspects of environmental health in disaster management,  environmental health risk assessment, environmental toxicology , vector rodent disease control and prevention.

Pharmacy: It covers the pharmaceutical technology such us new drug formulations, Pharmaceutical biology such us  the exploration of anti-microbial activity of chemical compounds, isolation and identification of bacteria and virus, anti-microbial resistance study, development of methods for bacteria test, and study on infectious diseases mechanism, Pharmaceutical Chemistry such usmolecular docking, laboratory medicine, the pharmaceutical analytical technique, Clinical and community pharmacy such us  case studies in pharmacies, hospitals, and puskesmas, pharmacological tests of new drug candidates.

Midwifery: The area of childbirth, newborn care, pregnancy, postpartum, women's health, reproductive health.

Radiologi: It cover the conventional radiography, digital radiography, CT scan, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy and other related sciences to Radiology.

Medical Record: The are of health information system, health information technology,  health information management, health quality information management and classification and codefication of diagnostic related health problems and prosedure.

Public Health Services: These include, Public health practice and impact, Applied Epidemiology, Need or impact assessments, Health service effectiveness, management and re-design, Health Protection including control of communicable diseases, Health promotion and disease prevention, Evaluation of public health programmes or interventions, Public health governance, audit and quality, Public health law and ethics, Public health policy and comparisons, and Capacity in public health systems and workforce.